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Prenatal yoga books and DVDs are a great resource for anyone wishing to practice at home. There are countless books and DVDs available: Some deal specifically on yoga and breathing exercises; others deal more widely with the holistic experience of pregnancy and labour; many also delve into postnatal yoga and the realities of parenting.

Before you buy any prenatal resource, have a think about what you are looking for. If you want a well rounded home practice to exercise your muscles and keep you fit, a DVD by teacher Shiva Rea or Jennifer Wolfe (see below) is ideal.  If you want to really get your teeth into the whole psychology and physiology of pregnancy and birth, then Shelia Kitzinger or Ina May Gaskin are good choices. If you want a very nurturing and gentle approach to labour with minimum fuss and detail, then try Francoise bairbre Freedman or Janet Balaskas for good well-illustrated yoga books.

Some of the ones I recommend are:

Yoga for pregnancy, birth and beyond by Francosie bairbre Freedman
Very straightforward, great pictures in various stages of pregnancy. Clear instruction and focuses on each stage of pregnancy as well as postnatal sequences and guidelines.

Birthing from Within by Pam England, Rob Horowitz
Great information on preparation for birth. Lots of information and techniques for couples to practice together. Good breathing and pain management exercises.

The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Shelia Kitzinger
Shelia Kitzinger is one of the forerunners of the birth movement and has written several books on pregnancy and childbirth. This contains very detailed information with lots of great practices for labour and how to breathe and move in various stages. Good for anyone looking at a natural or home birth.

Prenatal Yoga – Shiva Rea
This DVD is divided into three sections and there is a different model featured for each trimester. The sequences are flowing and gentle so you get a good stretch. Best for beginners at yoga.

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga – Jennifer Wolfe
This vinyasa yoga DVD is more of a vigourous prenatal workout. Best for someone with previous yoga experience who is reasonably fit as it’s quite challenging.

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